15 Flavorful Salsa Recipes to Fire Up Any Dish

Is jarred salsa ever as incredible as you expect? Not really. The store-bought stuff will save you time, but it tends to lack oomph. That’s why homemade salsa recipes are where it’s at.

Think about it: The whole point of salsa is to add bold, zesty flavor to a dish. Pizzazz, if you will. Its entire reason for existing is to be the exclamation point. And while, sure, there are some pretty good premade salsas out there, the truth is it’s pretty tricky to find the salsa excitement you’re looking for—the brightness, the aroma, the depth of flavor—on a shelf.

Nope, genuine pack-a-punch salsa is best made fresh at home, using a variety of awesome ingredients. And we’re not just talking tomatoes. While tomato salsa is a classic for a reason, all kinds of fruits and veggies are welcome to this party—in a supporting or leading role. (We’re looking at you, corn, tomatillos, and mango.)

Another advantage to taking the DIY route here: You can taste your salsa as you make it, and adjust the seasonings and heat level to fit whatever you’re feeling. Unlike with store-bought salsa, when you can quickly discover that your “mild” bottle is actually fire–or vice versa–with homemade salsa recipes, you can always get that perfect level of spiciness you’re actually looking for. (Pro tip for the heat-wary: Start with half the peppers and add to taste.)

Are you convinced yet? Of course you are. So go ahead. Find your favorite salsa recipes among this very tempting bunch, grab some primo ingredients, and get ready for some real delicious dipping. You deserve it.

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