Amazon’s £19 hair growth serum receives glowing reviews after ‘working in a week’

Choosing the right haircare product can be a challenging task, with a sea of similar sounding items making it tough to pick the best ones. This is where customer reviews come into play and become an essential part of your shopping expedition.

So, when you come across a hair growth serum that sports thousands of stellar reviews and is on sale, it’s safe to say you might have stumbled upon a cracking deal. And that’s the case with Forest and Shore’s Thrive Hair Oil, a highly acclaimed serum currently £18.99 here for 100ml.

This oil-based solution aims to stimulate your scalp and foster healthy, thick hair growth using a variety of natural active ingredients. Forest and Shore assert that the serum contains caffeine, biotin, castor oil, argan oil, coconut oil, and rosemary oil, among other potent elements.

If applied as directed, it should not only prevent hair thinning but also boost new hair growth, leading to lush and fuller locks over time. This is something that customers in the reviews have been thrilled about – and there are over 6,000 of these testimonials averaging a star rating of 4.4, reveals Wales Online.

One ecstatic shopper raved: “I absolutely love this hair oil! The product smells amazing and is full of nourishing goodness for your hair.”, reports the Mirror.

A bottle of Forest & Shore's hair growth oil, available from Amazon, being held up next to its yellow packaging.

Forest & Shore’s hair growth oil promises to give you luscious locks.
(Image: Amazon)

One enthused user raved: “I use this once a week as a mask and then on my ends after I wash my hair. After a month, I started to notice my hair felt a lot softer and healthier. My hair has some previous breakage from years of bleaching, and this is definitely helping it heal and grow. It also smells lovely and doesn’t feel too thick, unlike many other hair oils I have tried.”

The scent of the product has similarly been lauded by numerous users, with one satisfied customer stating: “I love sleeping with it on overnight and washing out the next morning, my hair is in such good condition and shiny. The scent reminds me of luxury spas and you really don’t need a lot at all.”

However, not everyone was convinced by the serums and oils, and there were a few naysayers. One reviewer noted: “I found the product way too heavy for my hair and I was left with quite lank oily hair.”

Furthermore, the fragrance wasn’t appealing to everybody, with one user claiming: “I have to dock it a star because of the scent – it’s not the most pleasant.”

Nonetheless, the majority of feedback reflects positively on the Forest and Shore Thrive Hair Oil, especially given its competitive price compared to pricier rivals.

For those seeking a treat, options include the luxury Sisley-Paris Hair Rituel serum sold at John Lewis for £144.50 here or the Evolve Organic Beauty Nourishing Hair Elixir, available for £16 here for 30ml.

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