Anurag Kashyap says Christopher Nolan’s film equipment was held by Indian authorities

Anurag Kashyap recently recounted how filmmaker Christopher Nolan was treated by Indian customs officers during the filming of ‘Tenet’. Key scenes of the film were shot in Mumbai.

Anurag Kashyap and Christopher Nolan

Anurag Kashyap recalled how director Christopher Nolan was treated by Indian customs officers. (Photo: (R) India Today archives (L) Instagrm/Christopher Nolan)

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New Delhi,UPDATED: Jun 14, 2024 11:28 IST

Anurag Kashyap recently shared how Indian customs authorities treated filmmaker Christopher Nolan during his visit to the country for the shooting of ‘Tenet’. For the unversed, some key scenes of the 2020 sci-fi film were shot in Mumbai.

During his conversation with Fever FM, Anurag Kashyap shared that there was once a proper system to fund films, but now things have changed. He said, “There was a film body that was supporting people like Shyam Benegal and Govind Nihalani, but now, even the subsidies with which certain states lure filmmakers take up to eight years to arrive. A lot of it is just pretence.”

He continued, “You should some day talk to Christopher Nolan’s team about the problems they went through when they were trying to shoot Tenet in India. You’ll be shocked at how he was treated. His equipment was held by customs. There are thousands of stories. Let’s stop bullsh***ing ourselves that there is a system that empowers cinema.”

Meanwhile, Anurag Kashyap recently talked about how India had no hand in the films that won and did good at Cannes 2024. Payal Kapadia, who won for her film ‘All We Imagine As Light’, was congratulated and hailed as the next big name coming from the country. However, the filmmaker shed light on the irony of the situation and shared how a filmmaker like Kapadia would have a tough time surviving in India.

Anurag Kashyap is all set to star in the Hostar series ‘Bad Cop’ along with Gulshan Devaiah, who has a twin role in the Aditya Datt-directorial.

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Jun 14, 2024

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