Baidu Reveals Superconducting Quantum Computer and World’s First All-Platform Integration Solution

On August 25, one of China’s leading AI companies, Baidu, unveiled its first superconducting quantum computer that integrates hardware, software, and applications. The company also introduced the world’s first all-platform quantum hardware-software integration solution that provides access to various quantum chips via mobile apps, PCs, and the cloud.

“Qian Shi”, Baidu’s industry-level superconducting quantum computer, incorporates its hardware platform with the company’s home-grown software stack. On top of this infrastructure are numerous practical quantum applications, such as quantum algorithms used to design new materials for new lithium batteries or simulate protein folding.

Qian Shi offers a stable and substantial quantum computing service to the public with high-fidelity 10 quantum bits (qubits) of power. In addition, Baidu has recently completed the design of a 36-qubit superconducting quantum chip with couplers, which demonstrates promising simulation results across key metrics.

As quantum computing continues to experience remarkable progress, a large number of enterprises are exploring how quantum computing will contribute to their real-world businesses. This has led to the development of “Liang Xi”, the world’s first all-platform quantum hardware-software integration solution that offers versatile quantum services through private deployment, cloud services, and hardware access.

Liang Xi is able to plug into Qian Shi and other third-party quantum computers, including a 10-qubit superconducting quantum device and a trapped-ion quantum device developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Users can visit these quantum computational resources via mobile apps, PCs, and the cloud.

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“With Qian Shi and Liang Xi, users can create quantum algorithms and use quantum computing power without developing their own quantum hardware, control systems, or programming languages,” said Dr. Runyao Duan, Director of the Institute for Quantum Computing at Baidu Research.

These latest innovations are backed by Baidu Research’s Institute for Quantum Computing, whose technological footprint covers a wide range of areas, including quantum algorithms and applications, communications and networks, encryption and security, error correction, architecture, measurement and control, and chip design. Across more than four years of research and development, Baidu has submitted over 200 core technology patent applications in the quantum technology field.

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