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The first-of-its-kind educational website is meant for every student and teacher in the UAE

Published: Wed 16 Nov 2022, 9:48 AM

Under the vision of ‘Education for all’, Sputnik Solutions LLC, based in the UAE, has established Ta’aleem, the first-of-its-kind extensive educational website in the world. It is dedicated to all social and age groups, who want to offer or obtain any of the various educational services. This includes both free and paid ones with a rewarding system that is considered to be unique and new, making it the first global revolution for education, health, charity, and retail sectors as a whole.

“The global educational process lacks the inclusivity and the instant rewarding mindset during learning,” said Lana Omar Hasouneh, the managing director of Sputnik Solutions LLC and the creator of the Ta’aleem website.

“Parents all over the world are still stereotyping education by considering it a long-term investment for their children, thinking that it would only pay off after many years. On the other hand, teachers and professors, consider education a time framed career, that ends at retirement. Moreover, educational institutions, from schools to universities, think that it is not possible to invest in their retired professors and teachers,” she added.

The website communicates directly with decision-makers in educational institutions in order to create a personal page for each student, teacher, and schools. This is to create a comprehensive marketing process for them, as each distinct educational achievement will be recorded for each of them, which will motivate them to give their best, since their educational path will be in full view of everyone, specifically those with expertise looking for young talents in all fields.

The website will provide the platform for forming close communities that include experienced and young talents with specific interests, opening up other educational and professional horizons for talented people. Moreover, Ta’aleem believes in the importance of libraries, which, despite the dominance of mobile devices, are still the first source of educational resources, and the website is working to enhance their role by digitising its business, so that each library has its own web page.

The website also takes into consideration, all retired teachers, and elderly people, who wish to share their extensive experience, and advice, to invest in their fellow demography and the young generation. Moreover, Ta’aleem dedicates a specific division for people of determination, by including all their centres, entities, clubs, and related associations, to provide a complete integrated educational system for this important segment in the best way virtually. To broaden inclusivity, Ta’aleem targets and values every person who can teach any type of craft, be it carpentry, plumbing, doing homework, or even how to become an exceptional waiter.

The rewarding system is based on complementing each user on the basis of their accomplishments in terms of academic performance or any special activity, like voluntary work, etc.

Sputnik Solutions LLC also aspires to make Ta’aleem an educational site with a high degree of protection and privacy, so that every educational content that is submitted directly is recorded, for quality and protection purposes, and the comments section is subject to a high technical control to ensure that there are no fake or offensive comments for the purpose of distortion. In addition to being an interactive site with its services, the site also provides an instant chat service throughout the day, which enables knowledge sharing at all times.

The distinctive educational package service allows users access to national and international conferences, exhibitions and workshops with prior reservation. It also provides professional colleagues with special prices, thereby providing the necessary guidance for customised professional advancement, thus helping create an atmosphere of constructive knowledge communication among the youth of the world.

“Education has to be a journey which rewards individuals for each step one takes towards self-development. It is not a bumpy road, filled with long hours of exhaustion and stress in exams times only, and Ta’aleem intends to provide that positive change,” concluded Hasouneh.

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