Bungie delays fix for Destiny 2’s overpowered crafting glitch

If you’ve played Destiny 2 this weekend, odds are you’ve noticed a drastic influx in Ammit AR-2s that fire like a shotgun or raid bosses being melted due to overpowered, borderline illegal weapons. And though the fix for it was slated to launch today, Bungie has extended the timeline.

UPDATE: This is a complex issue, and as a result of testing, our original timeline for a server-side fix has been extended. More information will be provided when we have updates. https://t.co/HBX4wRhwRB

— Bungie Help (@BungieHelp) September 17, 2023

The glitch lets players mix a weapon’s perks and frames when crafting, so Bungie had a two-pronged approach to fixing it. The first part would prevent players from equipping crafted weapons altogether and was supposed to launch today. The second part would focus on removing the weapons with “illegal” components.

With the deadline for the first fix fast approaching, however, Bungie outlined the issue was “complex” and extended the timeline for a solution. The developer didn’t share exactly when the changes would go live.

The crafting glitch has become nearly ubiquitous in Destiny 2 since Friday. Exploiting it while crafting a weapon can let you add perk combinations that weren’t supposed to exist—such as Bait and Switch on a Regnant—and even alter the weapon’s frame altogether. You can use it to make your Ammit AR2 fire like a shotgun, for instance, with multiple pellets per round.

Players have been using the exploit to breeze through easier content, melting raid and dungeon bosses in less than one damage phase. While this sounds like it could potentially jeopardize players’ accounts, Bungie reiterated that the ban policy won’t apply restrictions or bans to players who discover exploits. This essentially gave all guardians carte blanche to use the glitch at will.

The bug has had a series of repercussions. Trials of Osiris, which happens every week and is considered the Pinnacle of competitive PvP in Destiny 2, is sprawling with players using illegal weapons, turning it into an arcade-like version of the mode. Raids and dungeons, too, are easier than ever to accomplish if you have modded weapons.

The Destiny 2 community is divided about the glitch. While players are generally enjoying the mayhem, sects of the player base are upset at how these weapons can devalue some of the hardest achievements in the game. This includes, for instance, completing a dungeon solo without dying or clearing Grandmaster Nightfalls.

Bungie hasn’t yet set a timeline for the fix, so players who are wondering how long they have until their modded weapons go away will have to stay up-to-date with the developer’s social channels. The official BungieHelp Twitter account shares service updates, while the Destiny 2 dev team’s profile brings in more insight and other details.

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Pedro Peres

Pedro is Dot Esports’ Lead Destiny Writer. He’s been a freelance writer since 2019, and legend has it you can summon him by pinging an R-301 or inviting him to run a raid in Destiny 2 (though he probably has worse RNG luck than the D2 team combined). When he’s not shooting Dregs, you can see him raising the dead in Diablo IV or getting third-partied in DMZ. Find his ramblings on his Twitter @ggpedroperes.

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