Chinese badminton star ordered to throw Olympic semi in Sydney 2000

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Transferências mal sucedidas no Real Madrid: Javier Saviola thumbnail

Transferências mal sucedidas no Real Madrid: Javier Saviola

Por Redação Publicada em 20/01/2022 às 00h35 Na história do Real Madrid tem havido muitas transferências estranhas e ilógicas. Felizmente, houve mais aquisições bem sucedidas, o que permitiu que a equipe fosse considerada como favorita em todas as competições em que participa. Se quiser ganhar dinheiro com os jogos do Real, então abra apostas…
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Pandora Papers: Starring Andrej Babiš. How the Czech prime minister bought a castle with Slovak roots and lent himself 15 million euros

Andrej Babiš si cez svoje offshore firmy poslal skoro 400 miliónov českých korún a kúpil za ne zámok. Operácia pripomína pranie peňazí, zhodujú sa odborníci.Text vznikol v rámci spolupráce s Mezinárodným konzorciom investigatívnych novinárov ( na projekte Pandora Papers. Dalšie zistenia nájdete na webe nezávislú žurnalistiku Aktivujte si službu Aktuality PLUS, vďaka ktorej…
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A minor boy threw himself under the wheels of the Lviv-Kyiv train (PHOTOS) thumbnail

A minor boy threw himself under the wheels of the Lviv-Kyiv train (PHOTOS)

23 січня, ввечері, о 20:10 год, до поліції надійшло повідомлення від чергової, що поблизу залізничної станції міста Дубно, що на Рівненщині, швидкісний потяг сполученням «Львів–Київ» збив людину. Про це повідомили у пресслужбі поліції Рівненської області.  Хлопець сам ліг на рейки.  «Слідчо-оперативна група Дубенського РВП на місці події з’ясувала, що попри подані звукові сигнали та екстрене…
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US boosts European troops amid fears Russia may invade Ukraine

Image source, Getty ImagesImage caption, A Ukrainian soldier outside Donetsk in the east this weekUS President Joe Biden is to send extra troops to Europe this week amid continuing fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, White House officials say.Some 2,000 troops will be sent from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to Poland and Germany, and…
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The Holiness of Degradation

with a title and a line from Leslie Jamison Anne says, what if you are notsick or bad, what if you are Katie? I know I have to fuck the stories that are fucking me. I think about the writer who spoke of “despair that remains curious about the world, thirsty for justice and company…”…
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Two Senate Seats Shy of Radicalism

By forcing a vote on the nuclear option, Schumer makes it clear that Democrats are two seats away from implementing a radical agenda on many issues. NRPLUS MEMBER ARTICLE W hat did Chuck Schumer’s failed attack on the filibuster accomplish? When the Senate majority leader pushed ahead with a doomed vote on the nuclear option…
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