Chrome tests a feature that groups pages visited by topics

Chrome testira funkciju koja grupiše stranice koje se posećuju po temama

Google Chrome is experimenting with several features that could help the user to continue researching a topic and compare page with other search results. The Journeys function could provide more ways to track what is being searched.

The tool automatically collects pages and information related to the same topic, which would save the user from manually browse history or create bookmarks folders with all these sites. Chrome will also provide search suggestions to enhance your research.

Groups are stored locally and aren’t synced to a user’s Google Account, so they can’t be accessed on different devices. However, that could change in the future. The feature can be turned off at any time and delete the browsing history specific to Journeys.

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In addition, Google tests the sidebar. When you click on the link after searching for content, the G icon will appear next to the Chrome address field. When you click on it, you get other results for that search on the sidebar. This will allow you to compare the page you are on with other results without having to open multiple tabs or move between pages.

For now, this feature is being tested on the Chrome OS Dev channel with Google Search. If Google eventually makes the tool more widely available, the company plans to expand the sidebar to more platforms and add support for other default search engines.

Source: Engadget

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