Cross-platform MMORPG “Legend 4” launches a new combat mode “Sneak Attack of Living Beings”

The MMORPG cross-platform game masterpiece “Legend 4”, developed and directly operated by the Korean game company WEMADE, will open a new battle mode “Sneak Attack” today (5) , Crusade against the dungeon “Crying Waste Mine” and BOSS “Half Orc King”, at the same time, it is also predicted that a large-scale revision will be launched in November, adding new professional “crossbowmen” and “identity switching” systems, bringing players more fun in the game.

New battle mode “Sneak Attack of Living Beings”

The new battle mode “Sneak Attack of Living Beings” will open on the fourth floor of the three secret valleys of “Beach”, “Snake Valley” and “Scarlet Moon” every Thursday from 10-11 pm. As long as the player defeats the monsters in the first stage, they will have a chance to encounter the medium monsters in the second stage. After defeating the medium monsters, they will also have a chance to appear as a demon king. In the course of the challenge, there is also a chance to take away the hero-level “Dragon Material”, “Mysterious Strengthening Stone”, “Blue Dragon Statue” and other rich rewards.

The crusade dungeon “Crying Abandoned Mine” and the BOSS “Half Orc King” appear simultaneously

This time, the dungeon “Crying Waste Mine” and the BOSS “Half Orc King” are open. Players will encounter the 105-level BOSS “Half Orc King” in the 6th stage of the dungeon, and they will defeat them successfully. BOSS will be eligible to purchase a new mount “Hell Horse”. As the level progresses, the difficulty of the task will become higher and higher. In the 10th stage of the dungeon, there will be monsters of level 115, and there will be many unexpected super bosses in the follow-up, waiting for the players to personally challenge!

Professional “crossbowman” and “identity switching” system will be launched in November

“Legend 4” is expected to launch a new professional “crossbowman” and “identity switching” system in November. “Crossbowman” is the only class in the game that specializes in long-range physical attacks, using the improved bow and arrow Increase combat power, have strong destructive power and survivability, and play an indispensable position in the team. The “Identity Switching” system can retain the growth value of the existing character’s physique, internal strength, cultivation, etc. After the player reaches level 50, they can freely switch between five professions including warrior, mage, samurai, Taoist, and crossbowman.

More game-related content can be viewed on the official website.


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