Dana White thinks Sergei Pavlovich vs. Derrick Lewis was stopped too early: “I would’ve liked to see that fight go on”

Derrick Lewis
(via UFC)

UFC President Dana White is in agreement with those who feel the Sergei Pavlovich vs. Derrick Lewis fight ended prematurely.

The two heavyweights collided on the main card of UFC 277. The action took place inside the American Airlines Center in Dallas, TX. The fight ended in the first round when referee Dan Miragliotta had seen enough after Pavlovich threw heavy leather and Lewis was covering up.

The problem is, Lewis immediately protested and didn’t appear to be on the cusp of being finished.

During the UFC 277 post-fight press conference, Dana shared his belief that the fight should’ve gone on longer (via MMAJunkie).

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“I think it was too soon, but to be fair – I think Miragliotta’s a great ref – the way that he fell, probably nine out of the 10 people in this room would’ve jumped on him and stopped the fight, including me,” White told reporters, including MMA Junkie, at the UFC 277 post-fight news conference. “I like the ref, but I wouldn’t really debate that was an early stoppage. That was definitely an early stoppage.

“When you jump right back up like that and you’re ready to go – listen, he was a little rocked, but no more rocked than Julianna (Peña) was three, four times in the fight, and she fought five rounds. Miragliotta made a mistake, and it happens. So I don’t think it diminishes Derrick Lewis at all. I would’ve liked to see that fight go on.”

The stoppage was quite puzzling given Lewis’ history of being able to withstand punishment and rally for a comeback. On the flip side, one can say it’s certainly better to have an early stoppage than to end a fight too late.

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