Every And Just Like That… Fashion Secret, According to the Costume Designer

The iconic Versace dress almost became a bedspread. Carrie wore a hidden tutu to Big’s funeral. And six identical outfits were purchased for the vomit scene.

And Just Like That…, the new Sex and the City series from HBO Max, has fans defending Steve and ogling Manhattan real estate like it’s 1999 all over again. And perhaps more important than the sex, the city, or the celebrity is the style. Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon), and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) are older and wealthier. Their closets are bigger, and their hips more brittle. What would the gals wear 18 years after the original series’ final episode? Nancy Pelosi–esque monochrome coats? Tie-dyed sweatsuits? Eileen Fisher?

“Coming out of the pandemic and quarantine, I really didn’t want to see Charlotte drop off the kids at school in athleisure,” Molly Rogers, the costume designer for the series along with Danny Santiago, told Glamour. “The content of the show is very real. They’re dealing with marriages and deaths. I wanted the clothes to be as uplifting—give people eye candy like the original show always did. That incensed some people!”

Rogers could easily be a beloved character on And Just Like That…. She worked on Sex and the City since the original series’ early days, alongside original costume designer Patricia Field, whom Rogers also joined on The Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty. Describing the AJLT costume department, Rogers told Glamour, “We had two things: ice cream and vodka.” A scene where Nixon’s outfit matched a tablecloth drove her “cuckoo-nuts.” And when AJLT showrunner Michael Patrick King nixed her idea for Carrie to wear a hat in the finale, Rogers wrote him a poem that begins, “Where is his body? They ask me.” (She jokes that she’s going to get revenge with a hat line called And Just Like Hat.)

For Glamour, Rogers broke down 10 of her favorite fashion looks from the series. The vintage gems, the Net-a-Porter finds, the custom Fendi, and a shoe that Sarah Jessica Parker nicknamed Phyllis. Read on for what Rogers calls, in a whisper, “hat drama.”

Carrie’s funeral outfit

Craig Blankenhorn/HBOMax

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