Hand strikes head… 6-year-old boy who was beaten for a long time, the director also attempted to conceal the incident [Video]

Nursery teacher at a daycare center who threatened or assaulted a 6-year-old child CCTV video. YTN press screen capture
CCTV video of a daycare teacher who threatened and assaulted a 6-year-old child. YTN press screen capture A daycare teacher at a daycare center in Pohang, Gyeongbuk The child was diagnosed as needing 20 psychological treatments. , and is currently receiving treatment at the Child Psychotherapy Center. On the 25th, YTN reported the damage The child said he had returned home with injuries to his neck and arm since last June. Parents are concerned There was a part, but he said that he could not ask the teacher about the problem in haste from the position of entrusting the child. ) However, a few days later, the parents found another wound on the child’s neck and immediately requested the daycare center to view the CCTV. The CCTV video reported by the parents shows the child running away to an empty classroom in fear. After that, when the nursery school teacher A chases after the child, the child takes a step backwards in fear. Mr. A threatens the child and then drives him into a corner and hits the head with his hand. After that, teacher A overturned the desk and continued the act accompanied by threats and violence for 15 minutes. The daycare center said that the reason for the childcare teacher’s assault on a student was ‘because he wandered around without concentrating during English class’.

The parents of the victim child reported Mr. A to the police in July, and after the report, the head of the daycare center visited the parent and requested not to inform other parents of the incident.

Currently, it is known that the childcare teacher Mr. A has been dismissed, and the director has been dismissed, not as a suspect. Meanwhile, the Gyeongbuk National Police Agency in charge of the case has secured CCTV of the daycare center and is conducting investigations such as forensic work and video analysis.

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