Photo: Bonnie Biess/Getty Images

Paramore front woman Hayley Williams is taking a step back from her personal social-media accounts. Williams announced the news on her Instagram, where all other posts have been archived. “I crave connection and the internet is a pretty good tool for that when it’s not tearing us apart,” she said in a statement. “The thing is, connection is and will always be a part of my job (thankfully). As for my own personal experience with social media, I just don’t want it anymore.” Williams, who released her second solo album in February, said she has been carefully considering the decision for almost a year. “Now I know for sure that my desire to move away from personal accounts (yes, even my finsta) is based on nothing more than my interest in keeping a boundary between a public and a private life … and wanting to spend more time looking up and out, rather than down,” she said. According to Williams, she has been on the internet and social media since she was at least 15. She described social media as “a useful and mostly beautiful” part of her job as a Paramore member, reminding fans who want to see her that they can follow the pop-punk band’s Instagram account. Read her full statement below:

Hayley Williams Says She Will Step Back From Social Media