Integrated Podcast: Suicide Prevention: How to Detect Risk Factors? [podcast]

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Do you know how to identify a patient vulnerable to suicide? In today’s episode about suicide prevention, Marcelo Gobbo, family and community doctor and editor of the PEBMED Portal, welcomes guests: Paula Hartmann, psychiatrist and content writer at Whitebook, and also Rafael Polakiewicz, nurse and doctor in Care Science in Nursebook Health and Content, to talk about care and attention points in the care of patients prone to suicide.

The chat, promoted by PEBMED, is a partnership between the channels Portal PEBMED, Whitebook and Nursebook, and brings topics such as: the current scenario of suicide prevention in Brazil, risk factors and protective factors.

Check out some of the risk factors mentioned in the podcast: Previous suicide attempts (main) Mental disorders (depression, schizophrenia, bipolarity, eating disorder, eating disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder) Suicide cases in the family

Listen to the podcast now and learn more about the topic!

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