Monthly Horoscope: Capricorn, June 2023

The sun in Gemini illuminates a busy sector of your chart, inspiring you to tackle your to-do list, organize your workspace, and rearrange your schedule to make it as productive as possible! You could be starting a new gig or making great strides in a project. You might be ending old habits or starting new ones, like a daily meditation practice. Being your best self can be your main focus at this time.

Mercury in Taurus finishes its post-retrograde shadow period on June 1, marking the start of new conversations in your love life or your creative endeavors. Exciting invitations to celebrations, shows, and other gatherings arrive! An especially whimsical, romantic atmosphere flows on June 2, as Venus in Cancer makes a harmonious connection with Neptune in Pisces. A deep spiritual bond can form between you and someone special. A powerful message of love may be shared. You might receive a text, email, or letter that greatly inspires you. While this alignment can be especially wonderful for your love life, all communications and connections can benefit from this caring, supportive vibe.

A powerful emotional breakthrough may occur during the full moon in Sagittarius on June 3. This is a potent full moon for exploring your psyche, your shadow, and your emotional depths. You might experience your spirituality in a deep and profound new way. In your everyday life, this full moon asks you to create a better work-life balance and catch up on rest. Sleep, quality time alone, peace, and quiet, are all be important themes right now.

Mercury and Uranus meet in Taurus on June 4, which might bring unexpected news or a surprising connection with a crush. You and a lover could enjoy some sparks, too. A creative breakthrough or exciting new discussion may arrive, and the mood is experimental. Venus enters Leo on June 5, bringing blessings to the sector of your chart that rules money, especially resources you share with others. People could be generous with you at this time, though you should be mindful of any strings attached to gifts or support as Venus also opposes Pluto in Aquarius on June 5.

If you’re in a complicated financial situation with a partner, the issue may come to a head at this time. Trust and honesty are highlighted, too: Venus in Leo is all about loyalty, and as it opposes Pluto, you can realize who is taking advantage of your loyalty, and who respects what you bring to the table. Talking about money can be hard—even for people in the happiest relationships—but it’s important to do so, and this alignment can coincide with these discussions.

Pluto re-enters your sign, Capricorn, on June 11! This could find you making an intriguing power play. Just be careful not to slip into old habits; instead, use this energy to embrace transformation and make big changes in your life. Pluto can stir up control issues and as it reenters your sign, you could be confronting yourself and your power struggles.

Mercury aligns with Pluto, too, which can bode well for communication and research. Secret, important information may be shared. Mercury also enters Gemini on this day, helping you get reorganized, plan events, or rearrange your schedule. Lastly, Venus also squares off with Jupiter in Taurus on June 11, which might bring some over-the-top fun and romance! Venus is the planet of pleasure and Jupiter of abundance: Can there be too much of a good thing? You might find out at this time!

Mercury squares off with your ruling planet Saturn in Pisces on June 15, which could mean navigating some difficulty with communication and planning. People could be quite inflexible on this day, but a friendlier, more easygoing energy flows as Mercury connects with Venus on June 17. This day also marks the start of Saturn’s retrograde in Pisces, which could find you renegotiating commitments, revisiting discussions about future plans and responsibilities, or handling paperwork. You might begin a new gig or routine during the new moon in Gemini on June 18: It’s easier to make plans during this new moon, as new opportunities arise and schedules are reworked. This is a fantastic new moon to focus on building healthy habits in your life.

There might be some confusion around making plans, or a general air of laziness as the sun squares off with Neptune in Pisces on June 18. Give yourself a break! Do not judge or punish yourself for not being “on” 24/7. Remember the lesson of the full moon in Sagittarius and rest! Your energy levels and general productivity get a huge boost as Jupiter connects with Saturn on June 19. A creative project you’re working on might develop in an exciting way, plus this alignment can be good for your love life, communication, and future plans.

The sun enters Cancer on June 21, illuminating the relationship sector of your chart! This is an exciting period to connect with people: You might meet someone new or bond with someone you already care about. June 21 also finds Mercury connecting with Mars in Leo, and communications move at a quick pace until Mercury squares off with Neptune on June 25. Again, make time to rest! Neptune is the planet of dreams, so as it clashes with logical Mercury, indulge in some fantasy. Scheduling conflicts or miscommunications might arise, so perhaps it’s best to play things by ear.

Mars squares off with Uranus on June 26, which might find people acting impulsively! Capricorns usually approach things cautiously, but even you could feel quite spontaneous at this time. Watch out for short tempers. People are passionate at the moment, which could spell anything from unexpected sparks flying, to a disagreement that becomes a dramatic debate. Mercury enters Cancer on June 26, too, which bode swell for communication; your partners have an easier time expressing their ideas and feelings as Mercury moves through Cancer. Over the coming weeks, you may hear from people you’ve been wanting to contact, make new social connections, and deepen the intellectual connection you share with partners.

The sun connects with Saturn on June 28 and Mercury connects with Saturn on June 30, which can find you and your partners (in love, business, or otherwise) coming up with exciting plans for the future. This could be a great time to make a commitment! A supportive atmosphere flows, and you’re connecting with supportive, responsible people, inspiring a deep sense of safety within you. Neptune begins its retrograde on June 30, which could bring vulnerable discussions about feelings, fears, and fantasies. Inspiring messages may be shared and people could be prone to overthinking things, so find ways to stay grounded.

Good luck this month, Capricorn, and see you in July!

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