Monthly Horoscope: Sagittarius, June 2023

This can be a dynamic month for your relationships, Sagittarius, as the sun in Gemini lights up the partnership sector of your chart, bringing collaborations, confrontations, and introductions!

Mercury in Taurus ends its post-retrograde shadow period on June 1, which may find you moving forward with a new routine or schedule, or beginning new habits or projects. Discussions about new gigs could emerge. Venus in Cancer makes a harmonious connection with Neptune in Pisces on June 2, inspiring a healing, emotionally touching atmosphere. You may come to terms with the past, gain some closure, or connect with someone in a deep way. Vulnerable feelings can be shared.

The full moon in your sign, Sagittarius, takes place on June 3, which can inspire a deep, emotional release. You might express something important at this time. You could gain some clarity, feel like you are “zooming out” of a situation and getting a bigger-picture understanding of what’s going on. You may have grown out of old ways to relate to people, and approaching your relationships in a new way. You might be ending some partnerships, while others strengthen and grow at this time.

Things may not go as planned as Mercury and Uranus meet in Taurus on June 4… but maybe this could be exciting! This can be a wonderful opportunity to break out of your usual routine. Surprises might pop up and your schedule turned upside down, so try to make the most of things and spend time doing something that excites you. Venus enters fellow fire sign Leo on June 5, inspiring a fun, easygoing, and flirtatious energy. Good news could arrive from afar. You might go on a fun vacation!

Also on June 5, Venus opposes Pluto in Aquarius, which might find you having an intense discussion. You may be dumping someone, setting serious boundaries, or addressing fears about letting go of the past. Venus in Leo is gregarious and all about a good time, but while Venus is in opposition to Pluto, the mood is more serious and focused—it’s time to take care of business before you party!

June 11 is busy: Pluto reenters Capricorn, Mercury connects with Pluto before entering Gemini, and Venus squares off with Jupiter in Taurus. Pluto in Capricorn can find you reflecting on themes like power and money and rethinking your approach to finances, and as Mercury mingles with Pluto, a productive discussion about work, wealth, or security is explored. Mercury entering Gemini can also boost communication in your partnerships; you might learn something interesting about a partner, understand their perspective in a new way, and connecting with new folks.

Venus’s clash with Jupiter brings plenty of fun—but be careful not to overindulge! You might get caught up in a whirlwind of over-the-top celebration, hopping from house party, to yacht, to music festival, to private jet, to paradise. Try not to overbook yourself! Seriously, you might exhaust yourself to such a point where all the fun you had doesn’t feel worth it! Moderation sometimes is best.

Some people are in a grumpy mood as Mercury squares off with Saturn in Pisces on June 15, while others may be hard at work. Communication obstacles could take place, and people might not feel ready to explore new ideas. Because some folks are in a bad mood, you might hear no quite a bit as rejections are issued easily.

A more easygoing energy flows around communication on June 17 as Mercury mingles with Venus. Venus is all about pleasure, so fun banter can be had! Someone’s intelligence might be attractive to you at this time, and you and a partner can connect on a meaningful, intellectual level. Also on this day, Saturn begins its retrograde in Pisces, which could mean revisiting plans or projects regarding your home or living situation, or reconnecting with family.

The new moon in your opposite sign Gemini takes place on June 18, marking a fresh start in your relationships. You could meet someone new, or the connection between you and an established partner can feel renewed in some way. This clean slate in partnership isn’t just about romantic relationships; partnerships of any kind may experience a rebirth!

The mood is quite lazy as the sun squares off with Neptune in Pisces on June 18. You might be hit with an intense wave of nostalgia or reconnect with someone—in reality or maybe only in a dream—but either way, it can be meaningful to you. Jupiter aligns with Saturn on June 19, inspiring a productive atmosphere! Jupiter is your ruling planet, and it symbolizes growth and opportunity. Saturn is the planet of limitations, but when it’s in a harmonious alignment with Jupiter, a very supportive atmosphere flows as you work to achieve your goals. This alignment can also bode well for your home and family life; you may be moving someplace that truly feels like home, or rearranging your space so it’s more conducive to your needs. It’s a great time to donate items you no longer need. You might also feel like you’re getting the hang of a habit or routine, experiencing the fruits of your labor at this time. For example, if you’ve started a daily meditation practice, you might start to feel like it’s really making a difference!

Cancer season begins on June 21, bringing your focus to finances, especially money you share with others. Mercury connects with Mars in Leo on June 21, which can find communications moving swiftly, especially when it comes travel, relationships, news, work, or ideas you’re eager to promote. However, communications can slow down or become confused as Mercury squares off with Neptune on June 25. Mercury is the planet of the mind and of logic, but Neptune is the planet of fantasy and daydreams: Their clash could spell fibs, exaggerations, or laziness. Even those who mean well might be a little less focused at this time! So prioritize rest, and try not to overthink things.

Mars squares off with Uranus on June 26, which might bring more unexpected changes to your routine. You may be in a spontaneous mood at this time, finding that those around you also act impulsively! An unexpected adventure could unfold. Just watch out for short tempers. Mercury enters Cancer on June 26, kicking up discussions about money like taxes, debts, inheritances, and resources you share with others.

The sun connects with Saturn on June 28 and Mercury connects with Saturn on June 30: These alignments can be productive for managing money and taking care of business—not just at work but at home, too! People can be focused on their responsibilities, and it’s a productive moment to plan logistics. Also on June 30, Neptune begins its retrograde in Pisces, putting you in a nostalgic mood, eager to reconnect with the past. You might also be cozy at home, focused on making your space more comfortable.

Good luck this month, Sagittarius, and see you in July!

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