My Isekai Life Episode 10: Release Date, Speculation, Watch Online

In episode 9 of My Isekai Life, Yuji found out that the men responsible for enraging the Fire Dragon were from a city called Ordarion. They were also part of the cult called Blue Moon Salvation and committed suicide as soon as they were captured.
After facing the Fire Dragon, Yuji was forced to use his strongest ice spell, which turned the Dragon into solid ice and killed it.

He gathered the Flame Jewel for his armor and the item those men were carrying.

The item is later revealed to be a fake rainmaker, and the cult intentionally made it rain to enrage the dragon.

Finally, he’ll take a break for a while before getting into more trouble, or will he?

We present you with the most recent information on this anime.

Episode 10 Discussion and Predictions

Episode 10 of My Isekai Life is titled “Didn’t Seem Like a Good Time for That”.

According to the title, Yuji will decide to take a break before getting into any new trouble. He will travel to a village to enjoy a delicious feast, but he will be unable to.

He occasionally might run into followers of the Blue Moon Salvation, who frequently appear and cause trouble.

The fact that the two assassins were killed poses serious problems for the priest. With the priest’s bounty on their heads, Yuji must take action against those assassins.

Let us wait for the next episode to be released.

Episode 10 Release Date           

Episode 10 of the My Isekai Life anime, titled “Didn’t Seem Like a Good Time for That”, will be released on Monday, Aug 29, 2022.

1. Is My Isekai Life on Break This Week?

No, My Isekai Life is not on break this week. Episode 10 is set to air as scheduled. No delay has been announced.

Episode 9 Recap   

Episode 9 of “My Isekai Life” is titled “We Fought a Fire Dragon.” The episode begins with Yuji searching for the men who provoked the Fire Dragon.

The slimes find two men carrying barrels approaching the fire dragon.

They mentioned that they were from a place called Ordarion. They avoid Yuuji’s trap, demonstrating their skill, but they are still held in custody.

They kill themselves to avoid questioning, demonstrating that they were members of the cult Yuji has previously battled.

The cursed water, a less potent version of the cursed crystals that is likely intended to enrage the Flame Devil, is present in the barrels, according to Dryad.

Rain starts to fall, angering the Fire Dragon, who stays underground during the rainy season in case the rain puts out its fire.

The villagers are terrified and flee Boginia, but Yuuji stays behind to face it. The dragon’s heat dries up a river.

Yuuji uses ice magic to slow the Dragon down while blocking the river with a barrier. When the river rises high enough to completely submerge the enormous dragon, Yuuji releases the water that has been collected.

It becomes enraged by this and tries to destroy Boginia. Yuuji is compelled to use his strongest ice spell, which causes the Dragon to become frozen solid and die.

The slimes find something nearby the volcano and gather the Flame jewel that was dropped. Yuuji gives Geigel the Flame jewel with the promise that he will create previously unseen armor.

When Yuuji learns that the item is a fake rainmaker, he realizes that the cult deliberately caused it to rain in order to enrage the dragon.

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About My Isekai Life

My Isekai Life is a light novel series by Shinkoshoto and Huka Kazabana. The light novel started serialization in 2017 and has a manga adaptation. It is also inspiring an anime.

Yuji is an overworked employee at a black company. One day he wakes up in another world where he learns magical abilities one after another. A new chapter in his life is about to begin as he he tames slimes and defeats monsters.

Originally Written By Epic Dope

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