Ormed will sell 10 million oral corona vaccines in Vietnam

The subsidiary of Ormed Orvax has signed a cooperation agreement with Pharma Corporation from Vietnam, which could sell the vaccine throughout Southeast Asia ■ Orvax’s oral vaccine is in the first phase of human trials in South Africa

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STRINGER / REUTERS Ormed, which is traded in Tel Aviv and NASDAQ and develops drugs for swallowing, has signed a cooperation and sale agreement with the Vietnamese pharma corporation Tan Tan Holdings. Under the agreement, Orvax, Ormed’s subsidiary will sell Tan Tan 10 million oral vaccines to Corona. The agreement includes granting the Vietnamese company the right to market and sell oral vaccines throughout Southeast Asia. Is ORMD-0801 – Insulin capsules for swallowing instead of injections.The company has three versions of the product, in different stages in clinical trials ….


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