Prof. Afek: Unvaccinated people should be charged higher health insurance premiums

Prof. Arnon Afek, former director general of the Ministry of Health and currently deputy director of Sheba, who also serves as a member of the Cabinet of Experts in the Fight against Corona, proposes charging the unvaccinated with higher health insurance premiums as well as increased medical insurance for travel abroad. Prof. Afek presented this idea this morning (Monday) in an opinion piece in “Israel Today” .

“If at the beginning of the current wave of illness, the fourth in number “Most of the serious patients were adults with background diseases, who were vaccinated and the levels of antibodies in their blood dropped, because today they are mostly unvaccinated young people,” Prof. Afek emphasized. He presented a snapshot from Sheba, where eight patients are hospitalized in Corona Intensive Care – all unvaccinated and the youngest of them 32 years old. “Anyone who chooses not to get vaccinated must understand the significance of his actions, as he endangers his health, the health of his family and the environment and adds to the burden on the medical staff,” Afek said. The refusal to vaccinate further In recent days, the refusal of some unvaccinated corona patients to receive the drug Regeneron given to patients in a mild condition whose condition may deteriorate to hospitalization.

” Get vaccinated and soon, it’s time to ‘take off your gloves’ in order to deal with those who can and choose not to get vaccinated, “Prof. Afek added. He stressed: “Non-vaccinated people can be charged a higher payment of the state health insurance premium determined according to income and entitles to required medical services, regardless of the payment itself. Those who choose not to be vaccinated prefer their personal autonomy over social solidarity. Therefore, there is justification for raising The health insurance premiums without vaccinators and in a similar way to what is done with medical insurance for travelers abroad when their plan includes participation in an extreme sports event. “

According to Afek, Scientists do not change their minds. The second group are people who are hesitant or afraid to get vaccinated who feed on false information circulated on social media. US President Joe Biden said of them: ‘False information kills.’ .

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