Scientists foretold happiness: Who will 'lay' covid? It is said that it is enough to measure the length of the index finger and ring finger

Who will end up in a hospital after being infected with a covid and who will easily get sick from the disease? According to a study published last year by the scientific journal Early Human Development, it is possible to use a simple criterion as a guide, I write .

It is enough to measure the length of the index finger and the ring finger of the right hand and divide the two figures. The lower the outcome number, the better the patient’s prospects.

The higher the levels of male hormones and androgens, the shorter the index finger, the longer the ring finger and the lower the ratio of their lengths. androgens long before birth, boys in the mother’s body are exposed to higher concentrations of these hormones. However, a certain amount of androgens is also produced by the female body, so the mother should also speak to the length of her fingers.

with susceptibility to cancer or cardiovascular disease, and even with the prospect of recovery.

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