Sex Education: Ncuti Gatwa Fought To Keep This Particular Scene

Netflix’s Sex Education returned with its long-awaited Season 3.

Ncuti Gatwa, who plays the role of Eric Effiong in the streaming hit, revealed that this one particular scene almost didn’t make the final cut. During the series, Eric attends a Nigerian family wedding, which includes a funny scene in which his Aunty interrupts a conversation about an old flame of his mother with a lament that she wasn’t given enough stew.

Gatwa then explained to Variety that he had to fight to stop this moment from being cut. He revealed saying, “That scene almost got taken out of the edit. My director messaged me and she was like, “They’ve almost taken out the rice bit,” and I texted her back and I was like, “Whatever you do, make sure that five seconds is in this show. It’s important! Every African person, no matter what country you’re from, will get that and you need to keep that in there!”

The Sex Education star also explained that celebrating his character’s African-British culture has “always been one of the pulls to the character,” and, speaking to Variety, added that filming wedding scenes based in Lagos was “really special” to him.

He added: “Shooting those Lagos scenes was really special because I’m thinking to myself, “Fucking hell, we’re on a Netflix set, this is about to go out to the entire world, and we’re showcasing this beautiful culture that doesn’t get shown a lot.” It felt very powerful for me in my journey in life as an actor, as a human, and it felt like a homecoming. We’ve got to get it right; this was a Nigerian wedding, not an African wedding. I think quite often when you see African cultures represented in mainstream culture it gets portrayed under an umbrella of Africa and it’s an African wedding so let’s just throw lots of green, orange and red colors there and that will show that we are African. No, this is a Nigerian wedding, and we have to make it very specific to that.

Season 3 of the hit series is available to stream on Netflix.

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