Signs of stopping the fourth wave

The Ministry of Health updated this morning (10:00, Wednesday) that since yesterday 2,386 New verified and since midnight more 433 . Yesterday, 70,817 tests were performed to detect the virus, of which 3.42% were positive. In most indices, except for the number of deaths, declines were recorded. Also, the infection coefficient is 0.73, the lowest since May 21.

The data Evidence of the curb of the fourth wave, when at the height of the epidemic in Israel there were over 80,000 infected and today there are 53,994 active patients in Israel. Of these, 659 patients are hospitalized in critical condition and 216 are respirators. Since the outbreak of the plague they have died of coronary heart disease 7,692 . Four patients died yesterday.

In the meantime we have been vaccinated so far in the third dose 3,256,978 man, 5,622,283 in the second dose and 6,097,334 In the first dose .

The health system estimates that returning to school tomorrow and vacations abroad will affect the increase in morbidity in the next two weeks. Already known as the “unvaccinated wave”, although it shows morbidity indices at a moderate decline, they still remain high.

Events that have taken place in the last month (Tishrei holidays) have a high contagion potential. Changes were also recorded in the volume of tests, which decreased during the holidays.

However, the segmentation of the patient population remains clear, both for patients in general and for patients in critical condition in particular. The majority of patients in a difficult situation today – absolutely and all the more so in relation to their relative share in the population – are the unvaccinated. After this group, the vaccinated who were not vaccinated in the third dose stand out. The number of patients in a difficult situation who are not vaccinated is about ten times greater than the number of patients who have been vaccinated with the booster dose. Bottom line: The vast majority of new patients in critical condition are made up of people who could have been vaccinated with the first and second vaccines, or the booster dose, and did not do so in time.

An example of unvaccinated patients hospitalized in critical condition was reported this morning from Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv: An unvaccinated 22-year-old boarded the sixth Acme device at the hospital this morning. The patient came from Kaplan Hospital, as did half of the Acme patients that Ichilov Hospital received as a super-center from other hospitals as requested.

“Another Acme that is backed up and reserved for patients after liver transplants. At the same time, the hospital immediately turned to receive another device from Rambam Hospital that is on its way to us for backup. In addition, an application was made to the Ministry of Health and we are expected to receive more Acme devices in the coming days.

Prof. Roni Gamzo, director of the hospital, said: Unfortunately, out of insanity, people are not vaccinated, collapse and get into extreme situations that could have been avoided. “

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