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How Nigeria’s Baby Factory Crisis Made the News (Again) thumbnail

How Nigeria’s Baby Factory Crisis Made the News (Again)

On June 5, 2023, Nigerian Army troops discovered and rescued 21 pregnant women, a woman, two babies, a generator, and a stretcher with food items. They acted on an anonymous tipoff and raided a building in Umunkpei Nvosi, Abia State, to make this happen.  The survivors were held hostage in a building used for child
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Weetabix factory replacement approved thumbnail

Weetabix factory replacement approved

CGI of the planned Earlstree 160 development in CorbyThe former Weetabix factory on the Earlstrees Industrial Estate, built in 1960, has been empty since 2019 when the breakfast cereal producer consolidated its Corby operations to a second factory nearby. Its demolition is close to being completed and construction of the new unit will follow on
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Factory turns old plastic into 3D-printed buildings thumbnail

Factory turns old plastic into 3D-printed buildings

Azure Printed Homes, which was founded by Gene Eidelman and Ross Maguire, said that the 3D home-building industry that has, thus far, been focused on concrete. Its new 15,000-square-foot factory in Culver City, California, has been developed for the manufacture of structures such as homes and backyard studios made out of repurposed plastic. Azure's technology…
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Age Factory and JESSE's song "Light off" MV released thumbnail

Age Factory and JESSE's song “Light off” MV released

Age Factoryが、「Light off feat.JESSE」のミュージックビデオを公開した。JESSE(The BONEZ / RIZE)をフィーチャーした「Light off」は、バンドが2021年11月にリリースしたアルバム『Pure Blue』に収録された楽曲だ。小島央大監督によるミュージックビデオにはメンバーとJESSEも出演している。Age Factoryは、2月11日からニューアルバムのリリースに伴うライブツアー<Age Factory ONE MAN “Pure Blue” Release TOUR>に乗り出す予定となっている。アルバム『Pure Blue』2021年11月24日(水)発売UKDZ-0214 ¥2,500(税込) OVER02. SKY03. Say no more04. Feel like shit today05. My own world06. AXL feat.JUBEE07. Light off feat.JESSE08. Sleep under star09. Blink10. Pure Blue<Age Factory ONE MAN “Pure Blue” Release TOUR>2022年2月11日(金・祝)岡山・CRAZYMAMA KINGDOM2022年2月13日(日)福岡・BEAT STATION2022年2月19日(土)宮城・Rensa2022年2月21日(月)愛知・名古屋BOTTOM LINE2022年3月6日(日)大阪・なんばHatch2022年3月10日(木)東京・Zepp DiverCity(TOKYO)チケット購入リンク:
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Order a New Car From the Factory and Save

With vehicles in short supply at the dealership, more shoppers are ordering cars from the factory. NerdWallet - NerdWallet In return for a wait of a few weeks — or months — you get exactly what you want. In the current market, you’re likely to save money as well.While Americans have long been accustomed to…
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Impostor Factory (aka To The Moon 3) is out now thumbnail

Impostor Factory (aka To The Moon 3) is out now

If you click on a link and make a purchase we may receive a small commission. Read our editorial policy. Impostor Factory has been described repeatedly by developer Kan Gao as "To The Moon 3(?)", complete with paranthetical question mark. Whatever the reality in terms of its plot, it definitely forms a trio in terms…
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