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Failing the Boards Doesn't Make You a Bad Doctor thumbnail

Failing the Boards Doesn’t Make You a Bad Doctor

As a small town-trained osteopathic hospitalist, I have seen that some people may mistakenly believe that board scores are important. But in reality, bedside manner is a lot more important. I've seen cases where nurse practitioners and physician assistants working as hospitalists receive far better patient survey reviews than tertiary care center trained cardiologists who…
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How to Manage a Failing Team (Or an Underperforming Team) thumbnail

How to Manage a Failing Team (Or an Underperforming Team)

Are you struggling to manage a failing team or underperforming team?No one likes to talk about failure. Talking about failure requires us to be open, honest, and vulnerable. The conversation demands us to reflect on our role in the failure. Deep emotions follow when we open up and begin to look at where we—and others—missed…
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Is science failing Amazon communities? thumbnail

Is science failing Amazon communities?

Although science and technology can prevent further degradation of the Amazon, they cannot provide a solution unless the technical, financial and social legitimacy conditions required by indigenous people are met. This was the message from indigenous leaders at GLF Amazonia, a conference held online last week to consider ways of preventing the vital global resource…
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