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RPGCast – Episode 515: “Jerky Goose Things” thumbnail

RPGCast – Episode 515: “Jerky Goose Things”

To add to the Ammo conversation, as someone who doesn’t really like shooters outside of Mass Effect, Borderlands, Halo, and Doom, I like and prefer shooter games with ammo. When you have ammo, every shot counts. You can’t just hunker down in one spot and pick off enemies or spray and pray into infinity. It’s…
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RPGCast – Episode 508: “I Need Waifus” thumbnail

RPGCast – Episode 508: “I Need Waifus”

Fire Emblem Three Houses released this week and we’re (almost) all playing it – but there’s a bit of controversy afoot. Pascal talks about poor choices he’s made in other games. And the news section is all twisty, tumbly, and turvy. Now back to our respective waifus, husbandos, and depressing games…sos. Question of the Week…
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RPGCast – Episode 506: “Luigi Tries His Hardest” thumbnail

RPGCast – Episode 506: “Luigi Tries His Hardest”

by Chris Privitere · Published July 13, 2019 · Updated July 26, 2021 We’re back from our mini-vacation and #JRPGJuly is in full swing. Now playing includes praise for Persona Q2, FF14, and Atelier Lulua. We’re also impressed with how everyone agrees in the feedback section. Now I must go find Chris and comfort him…
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RPGCast – Episode 500: “Prince’s Woof-fu” thumbnail

RPGCast – Episode 500: “Prince’s Woof-fu”

RPGamer has been covering RPGs since 1998, with the current version of the site launched in 2018. Due to the wholesale change in our back-end and systems only certain content created from 2018 onwards has been carried over to our new site. However, all of our older content can still be found at Schedule…
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RPGCast – Episode 499: “Kung Fu Maids” thumbnail

RPGCast – Episode 499: “Kung Fu Maids”

by Chris Privitere · Published April 6, 2019 · Updated June 29, 2021 It’s the final countdown! Chris and Anna Marie are joined by regular Kelley and irregular Jonathan, who always brings interesting games and hardware to discuss. April Fool’s just passed, and several companies got silly. We also considered piles of feedback in the…
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RPGCast – Episode 498: “Bi-Kirby-ous” thumbnail

RPGCast – Episode 498: “Bi-Kirby-ous”

6 Responses Comments6 Pingbacks0 I’ll be definitely getting: Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen, Final Fantasy X assuming it’s sold separately to save room in my Switch fridge, FFXII, SteamWorld Quest, Mechstermination Force (technically off topic, but a new shooter from the Gunman Clive developer), and Boxboy+Boxgirl. Will wait for a sale on the Phoenix Wright trilogy…
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RPGCast – Episode 496: “Painful Sneeze Out Of Ten” thumbnail

RPGCast – Episode 496: “Painful Sneeze Out Of Ten”

by Chris Privitere · March 16, 2019 We’re joined by a new staffer (Peter) this week for a HUGE cast! We set off a KEMCO alert with massively overpriced DLC, we’re accidentally forgetting about pre-orders, and as if we didn’t have enough upcoming games, NISA announced all the things. This was all prefaced by an…
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RPGCast – Episode 495: “Kingdom Hearts Crisis Line” thumbnail

RPGCast – Episode 495: “Kingdom Hearts Crisis Line”

4 Responses Comments4 Pingbacks0 Oh hey, I’m getting over a cold, too. Generally like anime, I prefer Japanese games to be dubbed. It probably speaks to my poor ability to learn languages, but I feel a disconnect with the characters and story if I have to read what characters are saying at the bottom of…
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RPGCast – Episode 494: “Unfortunate Nay” thumbnail

RPGCast – Episode 494: “Unfortunate Nay”

6 Responses Comments6 Pingbacks0 I regret buying the Ultimate Muscle wrestling game for gamecube full price. I honestly have no idea why I ever bought it to begin with. What a waste of $60. Final Fantasy XII. I’m definitely in the minority, but playing this game too often became a Let’s Play before Let’s Plays…
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