The players showed maturity, I'm afraid we paid dearly for the victory, in …

From the special reporter “Vijesti”

Montenegrin footballers did what they had to do – they defeated Gibraltar (3: 0) and made an overture for a probable match decision with Norway in Oslo on Monday.

“The goal was met. We opened the game early, entered safety with the second goal, and the third goal also arrived when needed. “Congratulations to the boys, they played a good match, showed maturity. And it can be seen that the team is progressing, which is very important. Gibraltar is underestimated by many, but there were a dozen Lincoln players playing in the Conference League,” said coach Miodrag Radulovic.

However, not everything is ideal even after a convincing triumph.

“Only What I am afraid of is that we paid dearly for the victory. We were left without Stefan Mugoša, Aleksandar Šćekić was also asked, and Žarko Tomašević also feels the consequences of the synthetic base “, says Radulović and adds:

“Stevan J. the lamb is ready, we didn’t want to take any chances because of the substrate. We believed we could win without him. We also saved Nikola Vukčević, he came in for 20 minutes to feel the game, because he has been on the field a bit lately “.

Montenegro has 11 points , five less than the leader of the Netherlands, three less than the second-placed Norway.

“With these 11 points, I think that the goal so far has been met, and now we can only regret two points against Latvia, especially after 1: 1 between Norway and Turkey. You also saw that the Netherlands barely beat Latvia. Before the start of the qualifiers, I did not give false hope, nor did I utter big words, but this is the most uniform group of all. And I am a great optimist before the remaining three matches with the favorites “.

Now everything is subordinated to the Norwegians, Radulović announces:

“In Oslo we have to go for the victory, there are no more calculations, three matches are until the end. So far, we have triumphed in every match, but in a different way, especially against the favorites, because we still come from the fourth hat. That is the difference, although it may not be felt on the field “, concluded the Montenegrin coach.

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