The telegram received a load of news, including notifications of spoilers, QR codes and reaction emoji

Source: Telegram

Telegram dostal nálož novinek, včetně upozorňování na spoilery, QR kódů a reakčních emoji | Zdroj: Telegram

Although Telegram already included new functions in its communication application this month, just before the end of the year it decided to introduce more news. And there are really a lot of them, and one of them will please especially film fans – warning about spoilers. It will also be possible to respond to messages using emoji, similar to users used to iMessege or Messenger.

Spoiler notifications are a feature where people can mark and hide some text with new formatting so it won’t be visible to conversation participants by default. Discussions will only see notifications, even in notifications that someone has added a spoiler. Each user can then choose when to unpack the message, for example, to watch the movie in question.

Klepněte pro větší obrázek The text is hidden during the new spoiler function on the Telegram

Next Reactive emoji is a significant novelty, Telegram was one of the few communication applications that did not yet allow them. It will now be possible to respond to each message using available images, such as different faces, fires, thumbs up, etc. Just click on the message, or click and hold and the emoji menu will appear, just like in iMessege. Users can also choose in the settings what images they want to have at hand.

Emoji are automatically available in private conversations, in group chats administrators have to decide whether to include them and which pictures specifically.

Users will also be able to re-generate QR codes that will link to public profiles or entire groups. Just click on the QR code icon next to the names, choose a color and then there is nothing stopping you from sharing the code.

Last but not least, the presentation possibilities at Telegram are expanding. In the settings, users will be able to turn on translations, after which the Translations icon will appear in the menu, thanks to which it will be possible to switch messages from one language to another. Users can also set which languages ​​they understand and from which they do not want translations to take place. But it has a small catch, while all Android devices can handle this function, on iOS it is necessary to have iOS 15 or later. Also, the number of languages ​​available will depend on the operating system.

Klepněte pro větší obrázek
Response to messages using emoji Klepněte pro větší obrázek

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