This Bodybuilder Ate Like the World’s Strongest Man for a Day

Bodybuilder and fitness influencer Matt Morsia, a.k.a. MattDoesFitness, is no stranger to trying out different diets in the name of internet content. He’s eaten like boxer Tyson Fury, strongman Eddie Hall, and physique model Kate Errington. In his latest video, Morsia heads up to Scotland to visit the current holder of the World’s Strongest Man title, Tom Stoltman, and his strongman brother Luke, to find out just how much food it takes to build the kind of strength to dethrone the likes of Martins Licis and Brian Shaw.

Swapping diets with the brothers for the day, Morsia starts out with a typical breakfast that Stoltman would eat on the day of an event, consisting of no fewer than ten fried eggs, hash browns, mushrooms, toast, a bowl of oatmeal, orange juice, and a slab of cake.

“Lovely starch,” says Stoltman. “It’s the most important meal of the day, you know?”

A short while later, the Stoltmans show Morsia around their strongman gym, and introduce him to their favorite “energy boost” workout snack: donuts. Morsia states that he would never usually eat in the middle of a training session, but he makes an exception this time.

The brothers don’t go any easier when it comes to the next mealtime, where they serve Morsia two lunches: a large portion of macaroni cheese, and a toasted steak sandwich with fries. The final meal of the day also includes enough food to feed a small family: a large cheeseburger, a serving of fried chicken pakoras, garlic bread, onion rings, and fries.

Philip Ellis is a freelance writer and journalist from the United Kingdom covering pop culture, relationships and LGBTQ+ issues.

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