To start the week off right, eco-efficient processes, hydrogen and printed electronics

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Pour bien commencer la semaine, procédés éco-efficients, hydrogène et électronique imprimée

Sairem, which markets industrial microwave processes, presented its technology and research at the ALLICE congress on September 21. Here is rubber vulcanization equipment.

© Sairem

Three innovative processes were highlighted during the first biennial congress of the ‘Industrial alliance for competitiveness and energy efficiency. Other meetings, that of printed electronics, whose actors, chemist, plasturgists and printing specialists, are moving towards industrialization. Hydrogen is already there, as the agreement between Plastic Omnium and Alstom to develop train storage systems is proof of. Finally, discover Julien Blanchard, the entrepreneur who wants to decarbonize the cement industry.

Energy efficiency: three industrial process innovations presented at the Allice congress

The Industrial Alliance for Competitiveness and Energy Efficiency (Allice) organized a congress on the decarbonisation of industry on September 21 and 22. Pulsed light sterilization, microwave technology, distillation optimization … three industrial processes, in development or already on the market, caught our attention.

Printed electronics: three levers for moving to industrialization highlighted by Afelim meetings

Organized by Afelim, the 11th meetings of printed electronics have put forward the levers to allow technology to pass the course of industrialization. Large groups and SMEs in chemicals and plastics are on the move.

Plastic Omnium embarks with Alstom in rail hydrogen

The automotive supplier Plastic Omnium and Alstom signed an agreement on September 21 for the development of hydrogen storage systems for trains, based on tanks designed by PO for hydrogen buses and trucks .

Julien Blanchard, the entrepreneur who wants to decarbonize the cement industry

Modernizing the building materials industry to make it greener, this is the credo of Julien Blanchard, co-founder and CEO of Hoffmann Green Cement Technologies.

After a first factory of the future inaugurated in 2018, which produces cement without clinker, two other sites will soon see the light of day.

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