UAE: Man jailed, ordered to return over Dh12,000 after defrauding company with false social media ads

A representative for the firm had reached out to the accused for his services when the crime occurred

File photo

File photo

Published: Wed 16 Nov 2022, 9:19 AM

A 35 year-old man has been fined and jailed after swindling a company of Dh12,360. The man, of Asian descent, posted advertisements for professional services on social media claiming to carry out transactions for employee violations, such as absconding from sponsor reports.

Case details show that a representative for the company had reached out to the accused for his services, requesting his assistance with solving problems concerning a number of employees. The company paid the accused Dh12,360 to amend the residence status of some employees – but the latter failed to do so, keeping the money instead.

The company representative reported the scammer to the police, who arrested him and referred the case to the Public Prosecution. He was then convicted by the Criminal Court and sentenced to one year in prison, along with being ordered to return the Dh12,30 he had taken from the company. He was fined an additional Dh2,000 for the accusations levelled against him.


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