What is urine like in ketosis?

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The human being and many of the animal species have an organism willing to survive various circumstances. Normally, the tissues are exclusively nourished by specific nutrients such as glucose, but there are circumstances where the body does not has this and must resort to other options to “feed” the brain, organs, muscles, among others.

When there is a prolonged fast or a diet poor in carbohydrates and the body is deprived of glucose, it will look for options from where to get energy to survive and begins to metabolize the storage of fat, which brings with it the release of the so-called “ketone bodies” that basically supply the glucose in each of tissues.

If you wonder how to get into ketosis , there are several ways. In general, there are details in common that indicate that this normal process of the body is happening and it is the smell that people who are in ketosis produce and this can be in breath, sweat and even urine. Here’s how is urine in ketosis.

What does the urine smell like in people with ketosis?

One of the Characteristics of people with ketosis is the smell of acetone caused by ketone bodies in various fluids and even on the breath. However, it is especially in the urine where it can be evidenced. When someone with ketosis urinates, they can very easily notice the change in their urine, since it has a rather strong smell (in women it is usually stronger and more unpleasant).

How is the urine color in ketosis?

Changes in urine They generally come in the smell and not the color, but there are situations where the body is deprived of both water and carbohydrates, so the urine would take an intense yellowish tone in addition to the strong smell (it will vary depending on the amount of water ingested) , in situations where the person only wants to lose weight and undergoes the popular and effective ketogenic diet, what changes is only the smell and not the color.

How to detect ketosis?

It should be noted that one of the tests to determine if a person is or is not in ketosis is with a urine test and this test basically consists of inserting a special tape into the urine and wait to see how it stains, the purple color tests positive for ketosis, in the urine and wait to see how it stains. The purple color will be positive for ketosis and depending on its intensity, it will indicate the amount of ketone bodies the person has in the urine)

However, this test can bring false positives or negatives depending on the degree of hydration of the person, so a blood test is recommended to confirm whether or not there is ketosis.

Beyond any test or examination there are simple indications that can show if you have this condition or not, it is about the increase in the desire to consume water, since when the body is in a ketone state these increase, in addition, it is accompanied by dryness in the lips even if you drink a lot of water.

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