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Favourite Academic Texts (Towards a Third Cinema) thumbnail

Favourite Academic Texts (Towards a Third Cinema)

Though I have to admit I usually find academic texts truly painful, one has stood out above the rest. Speaking specifically of forced readings required for classes, only one has really stood out to me above the others whilst usually the ones done in research for essays or outside of academia entirely are relatively entertaining…
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Our Favourite Break-Up Anthems thumbnail

Our Favourite Break-Up Anthems

By Katie Evans, Amrit Manku and Sam Pegg on February 16, 2022 Features, Records Valentine’s day may be a day for celebrating your love for another person, but it can also be a day of renouncing it. Here are our picks for the best break-up tracks to get you through the day. The Courteeners –…
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Our Favourite Academic Texts thumbnail

Our Favourite Academic Texts

By Callum Nelmes, Reece Beckett, Oliver Picken and Sam Pegg on February 1, 2022 Culture, Features, Literature No matter what course you are studying at Uni, there is no doubt you will often find yourself faced with the task of reading through academic literature from some of the greatest scholars in your chosen field. Here…
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Collab: Favourite School and College Films thumbnail

Collab: Favourite School and College Films

By Amy Scott-Munden, Reece Beckett, Jacob Hando and Harry Geeves on September 30, 2021 Film School and college films are important to everyone. They can represent nostalgic pasts or chapters in life that have thankfully closed. Universal for everyone, the school-college film can achieve an immortality without needing to strive for ‘greatness’. Here are some…
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