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Use Nature as Infrastructure thumbnail

Use Nature as Infrastructure

Credit: Martin GeeCoastal cities worldwide are squeezed by two opposing forces: urban sprawl and the rising sea. This struggle is intensely visible in the flatlands of South Florida, where burgeoning neighborhoods routinely flood and saltwater inundation damages the estuaries that protect communities from the worst of our climate crisis. Massive resources are being put into
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Volcanic Activity on Mars Upends Red Planet Assumptions thumbnail

Volcanic Activity on Mars Upends Red Planet Assumptions

For decades planetary scientists assumed Mars was dead. Geologically, that is. Smaller than Earth, the planet would have cooled faster than ours after it formed. It was, for a time, quite volcanically active. The assumption was that when the interior temperature gradually decreased, so, too, did the planet's ability to generate large-scale geologic activity such
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Will Humans Ever Go Extinct? thumbnail

Will Humans Ever Go Extinct?

The species Homo sapiens evolved some 300,000 years ago and has come to dominate Earth unlike any species that came before. But how long can humans last? Eventually humans will go extinct. At the most wildly optimistic estimate, our species will last perhaps another billion years but end when the expanding envelope of the sun
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Relict Glacier Spotted near Martian Equator thumbnail

Relict Glacier Spotted near Martian Equator

A so-called light-toned deposit (LTD) in Eastern Noctis Labyrinthus, about 160 km (99.4 miles) north-west of Oudemans crater near Mars’ equator, presents distinctive morphologic characteristics of a glacier, according to new research. Although the glacier is likely relict, the preservation of glacial features opens the possibility that water ice might still be preserved beneath LTD
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