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Which fruits are high in protein? thumbnail

Which fruits are high in protein?

Home References (Image credit: Getty Images) If you’re trying to hit a certain daily protein target in order to build muscle or lose weight, you might wonder which fruits are high in protein. There are many excellent sources available, and while the small amounts of protein contained in fruit may not make a huge difference…
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Fruits Basket -prelude thumbnail

Fruits Basket -prelude

Image via the official Fruits Basket Twitter It's been three weekends since the Fruits Basket -prelude- theatrical special episodes and the feature is still going strong despite only being shown in only 46 theaters across Japan, with more expansions coming this Friday, then the Friday after, and finally March 25, the Friday after that. Alongside the latest…
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True Fruits, Gillette, Vorwerk, Mercedes: The ten biggest PR flops thumbnail

True Fruits, Gillette, Vorwerk, Mercedes: The ten biggest PR flops

True Fruits, Gillette, Vorwerk, Mercedes Die zehn größten PR-Flops Ritter Sport sorgte vor gut einem Jahr mit einer Werbekampagne für Schlagzeilen. Doch es gibt noch mehr krasse Fälle aus den vergangenen Jahren, die für viel (nicht immer positive) Aufmerksamkeit sorgten. Unsere Top Ten. Ritter Sport ist mit seiner „Keine-Schokolade-Kampagne“ nur die Spitze des Eisbergs. Das Vorgehen…
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