A clear decrease in the number of new daily verified

The report of the Ministry of Health published this morning (Sunday, updated to 05:55) indicated that yesterday only 2,616 new corona verifications were diagnosed in Israel – one of the lowest rates in the current wave. In addition, from midnight to the reporting date, another 423 were diagnosed Only new – although a lower than usual rate in recent times.

According to the report, the decrease in the number of patients in a current active state also continues – as of this morning, 63,022. Of these, 1,026 are hospitalized – a lower figure than in previous days. The number of patients in critical condition today is 711, in critical condition out of these 284 and 211 of them are respirators.

Found in them dropped to 3.96% – also one of the lowest in recent weeks. The infection rate dropped to 0.81. However, the death toll from the disease rose – 7,649 – on Friday 11 died and yesterday seven. In the first batch 6,086,218, in the second – 5,611,442 and in the third 3,189,477.

In isolation from among hospital workers there are today 825, of whom 69 are doctors and 245 nurses.

The government has their data, according to which there is a decrease in the infection coefficients that are estimated in various ways. D. In a new serious illness. This phenomenon is suitable for a decrease in the average age of new severe patients due to the administration of the booster dose, especially to those aged 50+, and therefore there is an expectation of a delay in the decrease in severe morbidity in hospitals of about one to two weeks. The disease progresses through the unvaccinated population or the vaccine has expired.

When the green mark is adapted to the vaccine in force and assuming it is preserved, the researchers believe, a significant reduction in infection is expected. Restricting gatherings beyond charging a green mark is expected to have a small effect in relation to infection given that the green mark is preserved. According to them, it is possible and worthwhile to examine this directly in the interrogations. The current situation allows for a real-time response to a change in the trend.

The number of children infected at the opening of the education system is expected to be 1,500 – 3,000. Therefore, the number of isolations expected from the preservation of the current isolation policy will be smaller than the number of isolations derived before the Prime Minister.

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