ANA's A380 New Chitose Charter No. 1 Featured Articles Last Week September 19-25, 2009

We have compiled the articles that were read well from September 19th to 25th. The most read was the first Narita-New Chitose charter article by All Nippon Airways (ANA / NH) Airbus A380.

ANA’s first A380 (back) parked at New Chitose Airport at night for the first time=September 18, 2009 PHOTO: Tadayuki YOSHIKAWA / Aviation Wire

1st place First New Chitose night parking is also ANA’s A380, the first charter with different departures and arrivals is finished

ANA will hold the A380 Narita-New Chitose Charter for the first time from the 18th to 2 nights and 3 days. This is the first time ANA has chartered an A380 with a different departure and arrival point, and the first time the company has parked the A380 at New Chitose Airport at night.

2nd place ANA A380, sightseeing flight in Hokkaido 373 departing from and arriving at New Chitose Participation of people

2nd The place is a scenic flight in Hokkaido by ANA’s A380 carried out on the 19th. For arrivals and departures at New Chitose, we recruited participants separately from the Narita-New Chitose charter. The number of passengers was almost 380.

3rd place ANA sells first class seats on Yahoo! Auctions Start accepting bids from the 21st

The 3rd place is ANA’s first class mockup, etc., which was exhibited for the first time on the auction site “Yahoo! Auctions” operated by ANA. The bidding is scheduled to end around 9 pm to 10 pm on the 26th.

Last week’s featured article
1. The first New Chitose night parking will also end with ANA’s A380, the first charter with different departures and arrivals

2. ANA A380, sightseeing flight in Hokkaido 373 people participated in New Chitose departure and arrival

3. ANA, first class to Yahoo! From the 21st of the sheet listing, bids will be accepted

4. Takeoff and landing experience tour by roofless bus at Fukuoka Airport 2 days in November

5. ANA’s A380 first flies to Naha 2 nights and 3 days from Narita Charter

6. ANA, A380 to hold Narita-New Chitose charter for the first time in 2 years and 3 months

7. Vietnam Airlines increased flights from Narita, pushed back in November, departing from Kanku is economy No setting

8. JAL, Haneda-Paris to increase flights in December Winter timetable Europe strengthened, extra flights from North America to Chubu

9. Rolls-Royce, All Electric Successful first flight of the aircraft

10. Thai International Airlines, Haneda-Bangkok Reopened in January 2010 787 round trip 3 times a week

Last week’s featured article back number
Pilot arrest ranked first in Kagoshima Last week’s featured article September 12-18, 2009

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