ANA's first exhibition at Yahoo Auction, first class seats won a bid for 3.8 million yen Haneda-London fare exceeded

The mockup of the international first class seat, which was first exhibited on the auction site “Yahoo! Auctions” by ANA Holdings (ANAHD, 9202), was closed at 9:31 pm on September 26, and the bid was closed. The winning bid was 3,806,000 yen (4,186,600 yen including tax). The first class round-trip fare for the Haneda-London route was over 3.3 million yen.

ANA’s 777-300ER first to sell at Yahoo! Flight attendants introducing class seat mockups=September 17, 2009 PHOTO: Tadayuki YOSHIKAWA / Aviation Wire

Mockups and window frames for the 777-300ER first class seats that ANA will sell at Yahoo! Flight attendants to introduce=September 17, 2009 PHOTO: Tadayuki YOSHIKAWA / Aviation Wire

The mockup of the seats exhibited this time appeared in 2011. All Nippon Airways (ANA / NH) international first class “ANA FIRST SQUARE” is the generation before the latest first class “THE Suite” that appeared in 2019. A mockup of the seats installed on the Boeing 777-300ER, which has never been installed on an actual aircraft, but has been used at unveiling events. The starting bid amount was 7730 yen (tax included), and there were 356 bids.

The size is about 115 cm x 242 cm x 131 cm, and the weight is about 400 kg including the pedestal. A separate shipping fee is required, and if the delivery address is within the 23 wards of Tokyo, the maximum will be about 300,000 yen on weekdays and about 100,000 yen on holidays.

In addition to the first-class mockup this time, the electric shade installed in both the first and business classes of the new 777-300ER aircraft that went into service in 2019. A window frame with is also exhibited. It was withdrawn from the actual machine, and the winning bid was 459,000 yen (504,900 yen including tax) against the starting price of 773 yen (tax included), and the number of bids was 98.

The second edition will be exhibited by October, and in addition to the international business class mockup sheet, the model plane of 747-400 (registration code JA8094) and the aircraft identification board of JA8094

Prepare the name plate).

For mockups and window frame photos Click here .

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