Andreea Antonescu, about what she could never forgive her beloved man: “That turned me into today's scorpion”

Andreea Antonescu was invited to Teo Trandafir in the show she presents on Kanal D. The artist talked about the mistakes she made in the couple’s relationship, but also about the things she could not do. never forgive the man next to her.

Andreea Antonescu divorced Traian Spak in 2019

Andreea Antonescu and Traian Spak they separated in 2019, after a marriage that lasted eight years. Andreea confessed at that time that she was terribly longing for her homeland and that she felt the need to dedicate herself to personal projects.

So, once she arrived in Romania, she got on the phone and called her husband in the United States to let him know that she wanted to stop the love story. The two now have a good relationship for the sake of their 10-year-old daughter, Sienna.

Invited to the set of Teo Trandafir’s show, Andreea Antonescu ) made some really surprising revelations. When asked about the mistakes she made in relationships, Andreea blamed herself for believing too much in the men next to her over time and being too permissive.

I’m too tolerant, I don’t know if I gave him too many chances, but I went for it. When I knew that feeling, my instinct told me something completely different. , just so as not to undermine his power and I made a lot of mistakes. “, Antonescu declared.

Andreea Antonescu was asked if there was an action she could not forgive if it was done by her life partner. The answer offered by the star amazed everyone present on the set. The singer confessed that she could forgive anything to her beloved man, even the decision to be unfaithful.

From Andreea Antonescu’s point of view, a relationship is built and developed over time, and cheating would not be the worst deed that the one she loves could commit.

I would go over anything, including cheating. “All my friends have told me I’m not sane. From my point of view, a relationship is so hard to build, and the person next to you has to be special. They have to prove a lot to you over time.” adventure would not be the one that would determine me to end a relationship that I worked hard on “, confessed Andreea Antonescu.

Andreea Antonescu wants a second child

Andreea Antonescu has big plans for 2022. The artist revealed during his show Cătălin Măruță that he would like the year 2022 to bring him a lot of health, happiness, success in all the projects he launches, but also a second child!

” The first wish is for all of us to be happy, fulfilled, healthy, for the career to move forward. both alone and with Andre. And God help, a child. You know I want a child “, said Andreea.

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