AstraZeneca Vaccine Creator Says Covid-19 Will Become Common Flu

PROFESSOR Dame Sarah Gilbert who is the creator of AstraZeneca vaccine confirms that Covid-19 cannot possibly mutate into a much more lethal variant. He even believes that in the end Covid-19 will only cause the common cold.

Furthermore, he said that there are not many places for the Covid-19 virus to evade human immunity. However, Covid-19 is still a highly contagious virus. The difference is that the Covid-19 virus tends to become less virulent as it circulates through the population.

“There is no reason to think there will be a more virulent version of Sars-CoV-2. Covid-19 will eventually become like the corona virus that circulates widely and causes the common cold,” explained Prof. Dame Sarah, as reported by the Daily Mail, Saturday (25/9/2021).

In addition, Prof. Dame Sarah said that humans are already living with four different coronaviruses that it is unthinkable. And in the end Sars-CoV-2 will be one of the viruses.

“It’s just a question of how long it will take to get there. And what actions we should take to manage it in the meantime,” added Prof. Dame Sarah.

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As you know, this woman aged The 59-year-old led the team at Oxford University’s Jenner institute that created the Oxford-AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine. When AstraZeneca became the most widely distributed vaccine in the world.

Dame Sarah has also said that she is struggling to raise funds to help prevent future pandemics. He said urgent investment was needed to prevent other infectious diseases from spreading around the world.

“We are still trying to raise funds to develop other vaccines that we were working on before the pandemic. Both against diseases that have caused outbreaks in the past and will cause outbreaks in the future,” finish.


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