Ayu Gani is willing to be dressed in the style of a drag queen, peek at the results here!

DRAG queen is the usual designation for men who dress as women for entertainment purposes. Often drag queen makeup is exaggerated and has certain characteristics such as thin and high eyebrows, thick eyelashes, and a choice of light colors for eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick.

The unique drag queen make-up is not easy to make, you know! It takes special skills and techniques so that makeup looks unique and striking. Recently, the winner of Asia’s Next Top Model Season 3, Ayu Gani, was dressed like a drag queen in a video on YouTube.

Gani also revealed that he really wanted and had long dreamed of dressing up like a drag queen. He also asked for the help of his friend named April to do her makeup.


April started to make up Gani with the technique which is very unique. He applied glue to the replacement eyebrows and coated them with powder and foundation, this was done to cover the texture and color of Gani’s original eyebrows. Then April redrawn Gani’s eyebrows using blue color with very thin shapes.

April also put light blue, purple, and yellow eyeshadow on Gani’s eyes. Gani’s eyes are also decorated with unique false eyelashes. Seeing the results of her make-up, Gani was surprised and amazed at April’s work. “Thank you so much April for cloning myself like you,” said Gani.

Then the two of them posed and did a photoshoot together. For those who are already curious about the excitement of the two, let’s watch the full video only on Gaegani’s YouTube channel!

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