Banco ABC Brasil Modernizes Customer Experience with Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud™

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Informatica®, an enterprise cloud data management leader, today announced that Banco ABC Brasil has selected Informatica to modernize customer experience with a cloud-first strategy to drive agile innovation and business transformation. By deploying Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud™, Banco ABC Brasil aims to transform analytics capabilities, expedite the processing of loan applications and bring Digital Financial Services to its customers.

Banco ABC Brasil offers deposit and commercial banking services in Brazil. It also advises on underwriting activities and mergers and acquisitions, offers treasury services, and provides international lines of credit. As the financial services market and consumer expectations evolve, it must be agile and responsive, leveraging insights in its data to mitigate risk and capitalize on the opportunities. Deriving intelligence from the wealth of customer and financial data held by the bank is key to its success – by accelerating its digital transformation with AI and machine learning Banco ABC Brasil aims to use its data assets as a competitive advantage.

“We’re focused on building a digital powerhouse with intelligent data at the core of everything we do – whether that’s improving our digital credit process or reducing risk with data-driven decisions,” said Rodrigo Andreos Cordeiro, Chief Data Officer, Data Protection Officer, Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Information Security Officer of Banco ABC Brasil. “Informatica’s deep understanding of what we need, the ease of integration with Google Cloud and the depth and breadth of the IDMC is why we’ve formed a lifelong alliance for data innovation to help us disrupt traditional financial services. “

Informatica’s Intelligent Data Management Cloud enables enterprises to manage, own and derive insights from their data in the Cloud. As part of a strategic data transformation project, Banco ABC Brasil focused on data integration, data quality and enterprise data cataloguing to drive meaningful change for its business across three core areas:

    • Customer Experience – To stay abreast of fast-moving consumer expectations, Banco ABC Brasil moved financial and customer data from source systems into a Google Cloud data lake, using the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud to improve analytics capabilities and accelerate the credit application process.  The customer experience has been improved, with credit application decisions returned 30% faster.
    • Improving analytics to build better predictive models 50% faster – Although Banco ABC Brasil has a wealth of data available, accessing it was previously laborious, and by the time the data was available to analysts, it was often out of date. The bank needed to make data more accessible, actionable and auditable. Working with Informatica and Google Cloud, customer and financial data is now ingested 50% faster. The bank uses Informatica Cloud Data Quality to profile, cleanse and standardize data reducing the design and maintenance time of predictive models by 60-70% and improving accuracy with more trusted, validated data.
    • Deliver Digital Financial Services – With ambitions to grow its digital offering and disrupt traditional competitors, Banco ABC Brasil separated data ingestion from data operations to enable business teams to not only have more flexibility to accelerate the credit application process, but also to drive agile innovation and potential business transformation by offering new customer-centric digital services. With 70% of the credit request process now automated, the bank has the capability to deliver a better client experience.

“Financial services organizations hold a wealth of data that is invaluable in creating memorable customer experiences and offering new and innovative services,” said Emilio Valdes, SVP EMEA & LATAM at Informatica. “With our Intelligent Data Management Cloud, Banco ABC Brasil is able to unleash the power of its data and move towards its goal of being a digital powerhouse.”

About Informatica
Informatica, an Enterprise Cloud Data Management leader, empowers businesses to realize the transformative power of data. We have pioneered a new category of software, the Informatica Intelligent Data Management Cloud (IDMC), powered by AI and a cloud-first, cloud-native, end-to-end data management platform that connects, manages and unifies data across any multi-cloud, hybrid system, empowering enterprises to modernize and advance their data strategies. Customers in more than 100 countries and 84 of the Fortune 100 rely on Informatica to drive data-led digital transformation. For more information, visit us at, or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Contact: Informatica Public Relations

SOURCE Informatica

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