Carroll concerned that Trump won’t pay amidst chatter that his property is about to be seized

Carroll’s lawyer calls Trump’s delay in payment “the court filing equivalent of a paper napkin”

Published February 29, 2024 7:50PM (EST)

Republican presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump speaks during a Get Out The Vote rally at Coastal Carolina University on February 10, 2024 in Conway, South Carolina. (Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Amidst rumblings that Attorney General Letitia James may start going after Donald Trump‘s New York property if he can’t pay the $450 million+ judgment in his civil fraud trial, E. Jean Carroll is expressing “very serious concerns” that she’ll never see the $83.3 million he owes her.

On Wednesday, a New York appeals court denied Trump’s request to freeze the judgement against him in the fraud trial and permit him to post a $100 million bond promising to eventually scrape together the remainder, which Former U.S. Attorney Joyce Vance commented on during an appearance on MSNBC Thursday, saying, “While he is appealing, New York’s attorney general is free to go ahead and begin to execute the judgment she’s received against him. She may, for instance, try to go after some of his real property.”   

Weighing Carroll’s judgement against this instability after Trump filed for a delay in enforcing the verdict in her case, lawyer Roberta Kaplan assesses Trump’s ability to make good on it, writing in court papers, “He simply asks the Court to ‘trust me’ and offers, in a case with an $83.3 million judgment against him, the court filing equivalent of a paper napkin; signed by the least trustworthy of borrowers.”

In a statement made to Truth Social this week, Trump continues to frame all of his legal woes as a “witch hunt,” writing, “This is a Weaponized Attack on Joe Biden’s Political Opponent, unlike anything that has happened in the History of the United States . . . We will continue to appeal until Justice prevails!” 

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