Case description: During surgery to remove the gallbladder, an ectopic liver was discovered

Ectopic liver (EL) is a liver tissue that is not attached to the primary liver and is also known as choristoma and hepar succenturiatum. According to 1,060 patients from Watanabe’s 1060-patient series, the incidence of this condition is less than 1% (0.47%).

This condition of congenital absence of anatomical connection between liver tissue The hepatic proper artery is considered abnormal. It is now estimated that ectopic liver is formed as a result of abnormal growth of liver tissue from the fetal foregut diverticulum, especially in cystic structures.

Journal American Journal of Case Reports Researchers reported successful management of a 47-year-old patient, with no known medical history, who was referred for surgery with a clinical picture of biliary colic, and an ultrasound examination confirmed that it was a gallbladder infection.

Photo: From the American Journal of Case Reports

During laparoscopic resection of the gallbladder, the ectopic tissue was identified by chance, and the patient suffered the surgery well. . A histological examination of the gallbladder revealed significant mucosal and wall ulcers, chronic inflammation and many black stones. The diagnosis of chronic cholecystitis, as well as normal ectopic liver tissue architecture, was confirmed without evidence of malignancy.

In conclusion, the researchers concluded that ectopic liver condition is rare, with several cases reported in the literature, and recommended On the use of imaging methods such as ultrasound and CT to rule out different diagnoses, while adapting them to the patient as needed. For hepatocellular carcinoma. Raising awareness of this abnormal phenomenon may help surgeons delineate the embryological plane of the operation during cholecystitis, thus avoiding the leakage of cancer cells, when there are.

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