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If you failed to make the trip to Perth for LCA this year, you are able to watch most of the talks online. took place last week in Perth, and this year, the conference’s video team has outdone itself, with the session videos appearing the next day in a lot of cases.The videos can be found by going to the schedule page for the conference and choosing the day and sessions that interest you. Be aware that Monday and Tuesday were dedicated to the mini-conf streams, with Wednesday to Friday being the main program.From the sample that I have watched so far, my highlights would be Matthew Garrett’s Thursday keynote on cloud security, Jon Oxer’s Friday keynote on Arduino-powered satellites, the 15-minute Six Stages of Systemd talk by Rodger Donaldson, and Lennart Poettering’s D-Bus in the kernel.It is possible to view content from LCA conferences from 2005 and later by traversing back up the directory structure and descending to the year of your choice.As has become commonplace again at LCA, the Rusty Wrench for service to the Australian free software community was awarded — the winner for 2014 was the deserving Andrew Tridgell, who is most commonly recognised for his work on Samba and rsync.Next year’s is returning to New Zealand, and will be held in Auckland from January 12 to January 16, 2015.

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