CITY OF CULTURE : Company halts construction work at Parque dos Tanques

The company contracted to build the Convention Center of the State of Rondônia, also known as “City of Culture”, in Parque dos Tanques, since mid-February, has halted work which had been carried out, due to the fact that during the excavations to implant the foundations of the building, it had discovered that the entire area where the presentations of the quadrilles and bois-bumbás took place is nothing more than a landfill where a large one was found underground garbage dump, which makes any construction on the site unfeasible.

We consulted the superintendent of Sejucel Jobson Bandeira about the matter, and he told us the following: “The work was halted, because the company that made the project was paid to carry out the soil and subsoil study before developing the Project, however, it was not done and now a LIXÃO in the area, and therefore, a new soil study has to be carried out. The company that received to carry out the Project has already been notified and should take the steps so that we can proceed with the work”, Jobson said.

The concern of the leaders of the entities that congregate the folklore groups that are present in Arraial Flor do Maracujá, as well as the Samba Schools, is that this problem of the underground, will be considered as an impediment to the construction of the “City of Culture ” at Parque dos Tanques is suspended for good, which could result in the loss of funds already deposited in Caixa Econômica for the construction of the work. “Have you thought about whether the federal government thinks about requesting the return of the funds”, remembers folklorist Rodrigo Cerdeira, president of the Mocidade Junina square.

According to Cerdeira: “For these and others, the company abandoned the work, removing its machinery and donating the wood and roof from its logistical part”, he concluded.

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