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CM Radio - Jan. 11, 2017 - Stephen Fearing, Music Sales Stats from 2016 & More

Stephen Fearing, Music Sales Stats from 2016 & More

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  • Perhaps best known as a founding member of Blackie and The Rodeo Kings, multi-JUNO winner Stephen Fearing will release his ninth studio album, Every Soul’s a Sailor, on January 10th. From the anti-Trump anthem “Blowhard Nation” to the haunting and ethereal “Gone but Not Forgotten” featuring Rose Cousins, these songs span a range of styles from folk to pop to boot-stomping roots. Mike will speak with him about finding a new sound thanks to some old friends, the reception of his first protest song in years, and more. Plus, we’ve got some intersting stats and figures about music sales in2016 from Nielsen Music Canada. Hear about Drake’s golden year, how catalog music sales surpassed new music sales for the first time, and a lot more.

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