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CM Radio - Jan. 4, 2017 - Denise Donlon, Andrew & Mike's 2016 in Review & More

Denise Donlon, Andrew & Mike’s 2016 in Review & More

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  • Denise Donlon is, simply put, a trailblazer and icon within Canada’s music and broadcast industries. Her success spans decades and includes high-profile stints with MuchMusic during the station’s heyday, captaining Sony Music Canada through the Napster Disruption, and leading the charge for the CBC’s English services. She’s also a champion for a number of important charitable causes, and discuss all of this and much more in her new book, Fearless As Possible (Under the Circumstances), available now. Join us as we talk about MuchMusic being the original social media, Ed the Sock’s unpredictablility, the learning opportunities that came from facing the music industry’s biggest crisis in history head-on as a label rep, and much more.

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