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CM Radio - May 24, 2017 - Madison Violet, Matt Holubowski & Tips from CD Baby

Madison Violet, Matt Holubowski & Tips from CD Baby

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  • Brenley MacEachern and Lisa MacIsaac of Madison Violet have had a string of bad luck that’s tested them as individuals and creative partners. Their latest album, The Knight Sessions, is a response to those hardships and finds the duo stripping down their sound to its barest bones. Hear about how they overcame their challenges through music, how Sam Smith influenced the composition of their single “We Are Famous,” and more. Montreal’s Matt Holubowski has earned some considerable success in the Quebec market on the back of his debut album, Ogen, Old Man, which boasted a raw, lo-fi sound that put strong focus on his storytelling. With his new album, Solitudes, he’s incorporated more colour and depth but maintained the same candour. He speaks with Mike about his relatively quick rise, the evolution of his art, and more. And CD Baby’s VP of Marketing, Kevin Breuner, joins us to talk about why this is the best time for artists to be releasing new music, and the tools they can take advantage of to get it heard and monetized.

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