Compulsory prevention. Check your breasts with a simple technique today

We should do it at least three times a year, the older ones every month. Nevertheless, breast self-examination is largely unknown to many women

1. Undress on the waist and stand in front of the mirror. Tighten your hands and it is best to examine in daylight whether you notice any changes in the shape of your breasts, whether you see any special features or the skin is not like orange peel, or some nipple is not pulled in. If you don’t have both breasts the same size, that’s fine, it’s considered a natural phenomenon. Then lift both arms and turn from right to left and from left to right.

2. Grasp the breasts one by one between your palms and feel them. Make sure you do not feel a hard spot or a lump

3. Lower the left shoulder, feel the left nipple all the way around with your right hand, then press it gently. You should not feel any discharge. Examine the right breast in the same way

4. Lie on your back, put a small pillow under your head. Place something under the left shoulder blade so that your breast is in a raised position. Touch the breast and its surroundings with your right hand. Also examine your right breast.

5. Touch the breasts with a gentle stroking pressure on the inside of the three middle fingers – not their tips. Start outside from below, in a circular motion around, always closer to the middle nipple. Do this twice. Once with your hand folded under your head and once loosely attached

6. Place one under your head and use your right hand in similar movements as in the previous case to feel your armpits for a lump. Then repeat the procedure with the other hand

7. Hold your left hand loosely. Use your right hand to feel the hole above the collarbone. Also check the right side.

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