DACIA Duster: Exclusive Model and Important Changes Announced

DACIA Duster Modelul Exclusiv Schimbarile Importante Anuntate

DACIA Duster is one of the most important SUVs available for sale in various parts of the world at the moment, and this for that it records good sales thanks to the accessible price. What many people do not know is that DACIA Duster is not sold anywhere in the world under the DACIA brand, and that in some parts of the world cars are sold under the Renault brand, but also with quite different names.

DACIA Duster is sold in some South American countries under the name Renault Duster Oroch, and this model is a truck type that has four seats for passengers. , that is, it is designed in the style of vans that are usually sold in that area of ​​the globe. The DACIA Duster that is sold there is available in versions that have 1.6 liter and 2 liter engines, so we are talking about models that are much different from those that are available in Romania.

DACIA Duster in South America will soon have versions with 1.3-liter engines and less power, but they will also be cheaper than the models currently being sold. The engine that will be used in these special models of DACIA Duster comes from Renault Captur and is capable of developing 170hp and 270nm, so it offers enough power for the journeys that people want to make, almost no matter where they want to go.

DACIA Duster will have this new engine offered in South America for the Oroch version because it reduces carbon emissions compared to 2-liter engines, and the special model from 2022 will also have available the version with variable transmission. The DACIA Duster model, which will be launched in 2022 in South America under the Oroch brand, would also be a facelift, the current version being the one sold by the fall of 2021.

DACIA Duster could end up costing around 22,500 euros in 2022 thanks to all the changes that will be implemented, a rather high price, but still lower than that required on models in the same range, but from others manufacturers.

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